October 2019

Summer has ended and we need to find new ways to have fun! That's why we have decided to host along with Wild Code School a series of workshops to learn the basics (and a bit more!) of coding.

These workshops are for beginners and will be covering several topics for diverse practical uses. Find the one that interests you and check in; if they all catch your attention then come to all (Oh, we forgot... They are FREE).

November 9th 2019

Startup and Innovation Academy with presence in 12 countries, an intensive one month theoretical and practical program lead by its Founder and CEO, Francisco Santolo. 

The participants will learn and apply Scalabl's own proprietary innovation and entrepreneurship methodology to a new venture, existing company or business unit.

Estamos enfocados en el desarrollo de los empresarios para que puedan tener las herramientas adecuadas en el momento adecuado. Estos son algunos libros recomendados para emprendedores.